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VegFest Expos offers brands and organizations the opportunity to showcase cruelty-free products and services to thousands of attendees —and they love shopping like-minded businesses that support their community.

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For More Information or Opportunities Please Email info@livingfoodslifestyles.com

Steven Gray

Founder: Ice Box Jam

We thought the event was well planned, managed, and advertised. You and your team did a great job and we are so pleased you initially reached out to us. Your personal attention to each vendor was very nice.
We loved the fact we were not crammed into a space with all the booths in one line. The fact there was extra isle space to accommodate the crowd was awesome. We have never seen that before. Usually managers try to get as many vendors into a space as possible. We liked having a corner space. Corner spaces allow for the crowd to wrap around the booths. Well done. Lastly, we liked your after show video and promotion on Facebook.
Thanks again for a great show and we will see you next year.

Jennifer Meller

Co-Founder Nature Has Flavor

VegFest Expos produces great events. Registering, communication, and setup were a breeze. Kyle and his team accommodated us very well. We sold a great amount of meals at the single-date event. We will be attending all future events produced by VegFest Expos.