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The South Florida VegFest


VegFest is a dairy-free, meatless, plant-based food festival that showcases plant-based cuisine and cruelty-free products that are part of a vegan lifestyle – but ultimately the festival is all about food, community, and entertainment. VegFest is a celebration of the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. There will be vegan food to sample and purchase, engaging speakers, exciting performers, and members from the local vegan community to answer questions and showcase what inspires them. As a participant, volunteer, or attendee, your presence assists us to achieve our mission in educating as many families and individuals as possible about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.


Kyle Michaud - Experience Expositions

Kyle Michaud, a natural-born entrepreneur and President of Experience Expositions, is creating a platform for sustainable and health-conscious companies to connect with consumers. His vision is to make a green-lifestyle possible for everyday people, by educating them on environmentally-friendly options that are available in their local community. Kyle Michaud recently established Experience Expositions, which includes The Yoga Expo and VegFest Expos. All of these vegan events share the mission of bringing the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to the masses. Kyle has been featured as one of South Florida’s rising young businessmen in publications such as Gold Coast Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, Sun-Sentinel, inWeston, Business-Superstar.com, and SFLCW. He inspires people to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable consumption and production, and providing more sustainable, green choices for everyday people.